submission deadline:
June 30, 2018

3rd Announcement


News from ECF22

It is my pleasure to announce that 625 abstracts have been accepted for ECF22, promising another successful ESIS event. All important Fracture Mechanics and Structural Integrity topics are covered, including 12 mini-symposia. Just to mention that more than 50 abstracts have been accepted for mini-symposium “Recent Advances on Hydrogen Embrittlement Understanding and Future Research Framework" covering up-to-date research in the field.

Prof. dr Aleksandar Sedmak, ECF22 chairman

ECF22 - Registration and paper submission

Registration is still going on, and we would like to remind participants to do it as soon as possible, so that we can plan the conference in optimum way. Another important issue is uploading of papers, with deadline 30th June. We will accept late papers as well, but can’t guarantee publishing in Procedia Structural Integrity. Anyhow, since the Proceedings will be published electronically, there is a good chance that papers sent by 31st July will be still on time, if not too many corrections will be needed after review process. In any case, please, follow strictly the instructions for paper submission, please check LINK.

ECF22 - Special post-conference issues

High quality papers, in their extended form, will be considered for publishing in special issues of ESIS associated journals (WoS), Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Engineering Failure Analysis, International Journal of Fatigue and Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, as well as DIVK Journal, Structural Integrity and Life, indexed by SCOPUS and ESCI Thomson list. The pre-condition is that papers are presented at the Conference and published in the Proceedings (“short” version).

ECF22 - Plenary lectures and Summer School

Leading world experts will cover the most attractive topics in Fracture Mechanics and Structural integrity during plenary sessions (LINK). The introductory lecture by Prof. Jim Rice will focus on dynamic fracture related to earthquakes, yet another very important topic, affecting everybody. Summer school has attracted a lot of attention, so far 35 registered participants. Since we can handle up to 50 people in the laboratory (Saturday afternoon), we will have to follow the order of registration if there will be more than 50 applicants. So, please hurry up with registration! Anyhow, for the lectures in the class room there will be no problem, including the special lecture by Prof. Jim Rice, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his famous paper on J integral, scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

ECF22 - Support and Awards

I am glad to announce that the number of ESIS supported researchers is now 39. It should be noticed that almost all applications are accepted, making this action a success story, that ESIS can be proud of! There are 8 applicants for the ESIS/Elsevier award for the best paper by young scientist, promising strong competition in the plenary session on Wednesday afternoon. Also, there are 3 applications so far for the best paper in Weldment Fracture Mechanics, to be awarded by Dr. Galip Buyukyildirim, on the behalf of Turkish welding community, in memory of Prof. Stojan Sedmak. There is no deadline, except the general one (30th June). We will also consider already published papers for this competition, if they are published in 2017/18 in WoS Journal, and if authors submit another paper for ECF22.

ECF22 - Social events

We will do our best to present Belgrade and Serbia in a way that you will not forget the last week in August 2018 and hopefully that you will wish to come back. Except events scheduled during the conference (welcome reception on Sunday and Culture dinner on Monday, followed with sightseeing tours by boat on Tuesday and by bus on Wednesday, and the Conference dinner on Thursday), there will be a number of excursions, around Belgrade and out of town, every day from Monday till Friday, covering the most important historical and cultural sites in Serbia (Vinča archeological site - 5500 BC, Viminacium, once the capital of the Roman province Mesia Superior, Lepenski Vir archeological site - 7500 BC, Fruska Gora monasteries and wineries, Novi Sad – European cultural capitol in 2021, beautiful old cities Petrovaradin and Sremski Karlovci, as well as medieval monasteries in central Serbia, including Manasija, Resava, Zica). Post conference tours (one or two day, 1st and/or 2nd September) will also be offered, more details in the next ESIS news.

ECF22 - Accomodation and travel arrangeements

It is now time to think about hotel booking and travel arrangement. We have reserved a number of rooms in 6 hotels, nearby the venue, including Metropol Palace, the venue, with reduced prices for ECF22. Please keep in mind that rooms will be booked in order of request, so visit LINK and act as soon as possible. Anyhow, in close proximity of the venue, there are many other options, including private flats (the best of it one can find on LINK). As for travel arrangements, Belgrade airport is the best option, since it is directly connected with major European cities, and also with major cities in near east Asia, New York and Beijing. For connecting flights, there are excellent options via many European cities, just to mention those with two flights per day - Zurich, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Prag, Rome. Also, check low cost companies (although fares for Belgrade are typically low, anyhow). If you have any question about accommodation and travel, feel free to ask!

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