Prof. Stojan Sedmak Obituary

Prof. Stojan Sedmak, professor of the University of Belgrade, Serbia, internationally recognized scientist, has died on 2.11.2014, at the age of 85. Ever since his post graduate Magister diploma work in 1968 he has been active in the field of Fracture Mechanics and Structural Integrity, introducing these disciplines in ex- Yugoslavia and Southeast Europe. His doctoral thesis, defended in 1977, was one of the first in the region to be completely devoted to fracture mechanics, leading to the establishment of a sound basis for its further development.
Based on that, Stojan has established International Fracture Mechanics Summer Schools, starting from 1980 (10 of then held in the meantime), and became the principle investigator of the USA-Yu project on “Weldment Fracture Mechanics”, 1982-1990. These two activities were the pillars of strong development of Fracture Mechanics in the whole region, including all six ex-Yu republics. This was also the decade in which Stojan started his fruitful activities in the scope of EGF and European Conferences on Fracture, which culminated in 1992, with ECF9 in Varna, which he organized successfully as the “mission impossible”.
Unfortunately, a tragic chain of events in ex-Yugoslavia significantly slowed down all activities afterwards. Anyhow, after 2001 a new era emerged, starting with the establishment of the Society for Structural Integrity and Life (DIVK) in Serbia, which has gathered more than 200 members, including 50 members of ESIS. Stojan served as the first president and the first editor-in-chief of the Journal “Structural Integrity and Life”, also established in 2001. Renewed activities culminated with a successful bid for ECF22 to be held in Serbia in 2018, as decided in Trondheim in July 2014. Stojan has also witnessed another great recognition for Serbia - the president of DIVK becoming an ESIS Vice-President. Surely, to his greatest satisfaction, it was his own son, and if I may say, his loyal co-worker for the last 32 years. Let me be clear - there is no doubt it is he who should be honored for these two significant achievements and recognitions for Serbia and the region.
Now, when I look back at my father’s career, I can see a great man with a vision, building the pyramid of knowledge, seeing everything from the top of it, and leading us all. I can see the raising pyramid touching the sky, taking him to well-deserved peace in heaven.

Belgrade, 4.11.2014 Prof. Aleksandar Sedmak
President of DIVK, Vice-president of ESIS