To the memory of Fred Nilsson 
Fred Nilsson, Professor of Solid Mechanics at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stock-
holm, has died at the age of 62. 
In 1969, Fred joined the research group of Janne Carlsson at KTH. Four years later, he received 
his DSc with a groundbreaking dissertation on dynamic crack propagation. He was to become one 
of the world’s most influential researchers in this area. 
After a year at Carbox, Ystad, where he developed methods for the design of heavy plate-
forming equipment, Fred was back at KTH to produce some of his finest research in fracture me-
chanics. In the early 80’s, he worked at IFM Akustikbyrån and the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspec-
torate, where he developed novel methods for the assessment of the reliability of reactor pressure 
vessels. After four years as a Professor of Solid Mechanics at the University of Uppsala, Fred re-
turned to KTH, where he was appointed Professor of Solid Mechanics in 1991 – the circle was 
More recently, Fred gave impetus to fatigue research, e.g., comprehensive investigations on 
crack closure and fatigue-crack growth. During his years as a member of the board of the Swedish 
Fatigue Network (UTMIS), Fred and KTH played a very active role, thus increasing the importance 
of the organisation to Swedish industry.  
Wherever he got involved, Fred quickly became a driving force. His critical but always con-
structive attitude enhanced the level of the scientific dialogue. We, who have been his colleagues 
and friends, will always keep Fred in grateful memory. 
On behalf of UTMIS, 
Gunnar Härkegård, NTNU, Trondheim 

Plenary Lectures

"Mesoscopic simulations of damage accumulation under fatigue loading", A.Brueckner-Foit.

"Computational aspects of cohesive zone models", R de Borst, J.Remmers, and A. Needleman.

"Redistribution of stresses from manufacturing operations during service loads and the effect on fatigue life of built-up structures", L.Josefson amd J. Ringsberg.

"Thin film delamination", H. Myhre Jensen.

"Recent developments in the understanding of fretting fatigue", D. Nowell,


Contributed articles in alphabetical order after first author

"Identification of fatigue damaging events using a wavelet-based particle editing algorithm", S. Abdullah, J. A. Giacomin, and J. R. Yates.

"Structural integrity assessment of spherical storage tanks", G. Adziev, A. Sedmak, T. Adziev, and S. Sedmak,

"In-plane impact forces and behaviour of naturally-bedded slate material during impact splitting tests", M. R. Alam, K. Munaswamy, and A. S. J. Swamidas.

"An in-situ SEM study of crack propagation", M. Andersson, C. Persson, and S. Melin.

"Meso-mechanical modelling of thin adhesive layers", T. Andersson and K. Salomonsson.

"Effects of the length of the damage zone on the effective constitutive properties of an adhesive layer loaded in peel", T. Andersson, and A. Biel.

"A new methodology to guarantee the structural integrity of ceramic components using in-situ crack-healing ability", K. Ando, K. Furusawa, K. Takahashi, and S. I Sato.

"Self-crack-healing behavior and fracture strength of Al2O3/SiC composites at the high temperature", K. Ando, S. Kodama, M. Yokouchi, S.-L. Kee, W. Nakao, and K. Takahashi.

"Different approaches to depict fatigue of bituminous materials", I. Artamendi, and H. Khalid.

"Estimation of critical frontal process zone size in ceramics", H. Awaji, C.-H. Chen, N, Kishi, and S.-M. Choi. 

"Fracture initiation angle in the centrally cracked circular disk specimen", M. R. Ayatollahi, and M. R. M. Aliha.

"J-T Characterization of elastic-plastic stress fields in a mode II crack specimen", M. R. Ayatollahi.

"Dynamic mechanical properties of ductile cast iron materials for thick walled components", W. Baer, R. H�cker, and J. B�rrnert.

"Numerical analysis of cracked rolling contact components", M. Beghini, L. Bertini, and V. Fontanari.

"The role of bi-modal and lamellar microstructures of TI-6AL-4V on the behavior of fatigue cracks emanating from edge-notches" M. Benedetti, and V. Fontanari.

"Multiaxial fatigue and defect assessment of truck stabilizers", S. Beretta, H. Desimone, and A. Poli.

"Steady-state measurement of the interface fracture resistance in wafer bonding", Y. Bertholet, F. Iker, X. X. Zhang, J .P. Raskin, and T. Pardoen.

"Mode I and mixed-mode I/II crack tip fields unified by constraint ", B. Bezensek, and J. W. Hancock.

"Influence of varying load spectra on short crack growth modelled by a dislocation technique", C. Bjerk�n, and S. Melin.

"Conventional vs closure free crack growth in nodular iron", A. Bjoerkblad.

"Prediction of the DT41J and DKIc,100 shifts due to irradiation for an A508 pressure vessel steel based on local approach to fracture", C. Bouchet, B. Tanguy, J. Besson, and S. Bugat.

"Optimising energy input for fracture by analysis of the energy required to initate dynamaic mode I crack growth", V. Bratov, and Y. Petrov.

"Modelling and experimental verification of delamination crack growth in an air-plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coating", H. Brodin, M. Jinnestrand, and S. Sj�str�m.

"Assessment of load history effects on fracture ", P. J. Budden, and D. C. Connors.

"The fatigue growth of three-dimensional fretting cracks", A. Cadario and B. Alfredsson.

"Structural mechanics applied to mooring components design", A. F. Camar�o, M. V. Pereira, F. A. Darwish, and S. H. Motta.

"Fatigue behaviour of clinched joints", M. Carboni, S. Beretta, and M. Monno.

"A fragmentation approach for concrete in compression", Al. Carpinteri, and G. Ferro

"Influence of the interface bonding strength on brittle crack propagation in bi-material structural components", Al. Carpinteri, and J. M. Paggi.

"Fatigue behaviour of fiber-reinforced concrete beams", An. Carpinteri, A. Spagnoli, and S. Vantadori.

"Modelling of the mechanical behaviour and fracture processes of the PVDF", M. Challier, J. Besson, S. Cantournet, L. Laiarinandrasana, R. Piques.R. G. Hochstetter, and S. Pignoc. 

"Crack problems in single crystals of hexagonal structure", C.-R. Chiang.

"Residual stresses and fatigue preditions using the theory of critical distances", G. Crupi and D. Taylor

"Standing contact fatigue with line loading", J. Dahlberg, and B. Alfredsson.

"Reduction of mode I fatigue crack growth rate after a mode II load", P. Dahlin, and M. Olsson. 

"A fracture mechanics approach for the crack growth in welded joints with reference to bs 7910", P. Darcis, D. Santarosa, N. Recho, and T. Lassen.

"An experimental and analytical study of crack growth retardation in a structural steel", F. Darwish, M. Pereira, M. Lopes, A. Camar�o, and S. Motta.

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"An instability analysis for a crack growth situation based on the common format", J. R. Donoso, and J. D. Landes.

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"Behaviour of short fatigue cracks in a naval steel", A. El Malki Alaoui, D. Thevenet, and A. Zeghloul.

"FEM-analysis of cracks in piezoelectric structures under dynamic electromechanical loading", M. Enderlein.

"Influence of matrix microstructure and test conditions on the pseudoductile failure of CVI-CFC ", R. Ermel, T Beck, and C. Fleck.

"Three dimensional finite element calculations of crack tip plastic zones and KIc specimen size requirements", D. Fern�ndez Z��iga, J. F. Kalthoff, A. Fern�ndez Canteli, J. Grasa, and M. Doblar�.

"Fatigue crack growth thresholds in D6AC steel", S. C. Forth, M. A. James and W. M. Johnston.

"Mixed-mode fibre-matrix debonding in transverse cyclic loading of unidirectional composite plies", K. Gamstedt.

"Creep failure model of a 9Cr-1MoNbV (P91) steel integrating multiple deformation and damage mechanisms", V. Gaffard, J. Besson, and A. F. Gourgues.

"Determination of critical tearing energy of tire rubber", E. E. Gdoutos, P. M. Schubel, and I. M. Daniel.

"On the Paris exponent and crack closure effects of Alporas aluminum foam", N. Geerlofs, J. Zuidema, and J. Sietsma.

"Modeling of fracture of structural components with zones of corrosion wear under thermomechanical loading", R. V. Goldstein, Y. V. Zhitnikov, and I. V. Kadochnikov.

"Micromechanics-based modelling of ductile tearing in thin plates", F. Hachez, A. G. Atkins, R. H. Dodds, and T. Pardoen.

"Dislocation modelling of short fatigue crack growth through alternating slip", P. Hansson, and S. Melin.

"The transferability of micro-mechanical damage parameters in modern line pipe steel", S. H. Hashemi, I. C. Howard, J. R. Yates, and R. M. Andrews.

"Development of a laboratory test technique for direct estimate of crack tip opening angle", S. H. Hashemi, R. Gay, I. C. Howard, R. M. Andrews, and J. R. Yates.

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"Effects of compression precracking on subsequent crack growth", M. A. James, S. C. Forth, W. M. Johnston, J. A. Newman and R. A. Everett.

"Effect of spray-forming on the fracture properties of high-chromium white iron", M. Janssen, D. N. Hanlon, I. C. Stone, E. R. Peekstok, and M. F. Mendes de Leon.

"Extrapolation of load histories and spectra", P. Johannesson.

"The fracture toughness of polytetrafluoroethylene", J. A. Joyce, and P. J. Joyce.

"Simulations of crack meandering and crack branching in intergranular creep fracture", Y. Kaim, P R. Onck, and E. van der Giessen.

"Problems related to thermal fatigue of stainless steel: interactions of orthogonal cracks networks under biaxial tension and influence of stress biaxiality on 3D mode I crack growth", A. Kane, and V. Doquet. 

"Effects of hydrogen on fatigue crack growth behaviour, and ductility loss of austenitic stainless steels", T. Kanazaki, Y. Mine,Y. Fukushima, and Y. Murakami.

"Experimental investigations of size effect on fracture toughness of metallic foils" , Y.-L. Kang, Z.-F. Zhang, H.-W. Wang, and Q.-H. Qin.

"Advances in the application of non-local damage models in the simulation of ductile crack-extension", D. Klingbeil, B. Svendsen, and F. Reusch.

"Strain energy density parameter approach to the non-local parameter of fatigue damage", M. Kohut, and T. Lagoda.

"Crack-tip shielding and anti-shielding by a bimaterial interface", O. Kolednik, J. Predan, G. X. Shan, N.K. Simha, and F. D.Fischer.

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"Damage process in Al-alloy specimens: XRDD experiment and numerical simulation", J. Korou�, D. Vavr�k, J. Jakobek and S. Posp��il.

"Crack bridging and trapping in borosilicate matrix composites with distributed metal particles", M. Kotoul, I. Dlouhy, and T. Vyslouzil.

"Discontinous crack growth during environmental stress cracking of a PBA/PBT co-poly(ester ester)", N. B. Kuipers, M. Janssen, R. Marissen, A. C. Riemslag, M.R. de Rooij, R.F .M. Lange, K. Dijkstra, and A. Bakker.

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