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ESIS Fellows

Fellows are persons who have been members of ESIS for at least five years and who have distinguished themselves through contributions to the Society and to the art, science, teaching, or practice of fracture mechanics. Elections for this distinction is made by the Fellows Committee 

 D. Firrao

A.J. Kinloch

R. A. Ainsworth

 A. Bakker

L. Banks-Sills

S. Beretta

B. R. K. Blackman

B. Bilby

W. Brocks

M. W Brown

Alberto Carpinteri

Andrea Carpinteri

M. Elices

G. A. Ferro

D. Francois

E.E. Gdoutos

R. Goldstein

S. Kocanda

B. Karihaloo

M. Kuna

H. Larsson

O. Kolednik

Mc Clintock

K. Miller

H. M. Nykyforchyn

J. Marrow

I. Milne

N. Morozov

D. Munz

Ÿ. Murakami

A. Neimitz

V.V. Panasyuk

J. Petit

A. Pineau

J. Pokluda

L.P. Les Pook

H.A. Richard

R. Ritchie

J. Schijve

K.H. Schwalbe

S. Sedmak

D. F Socie

C. M. Sonsino

D. Sumarac

V. Tvergaard

J. Toribio

J.G. Williams

H. Yuan