DIVK 2021 annual conference

2021 DIVK annual conference DIVK Video recordings ISBN: 978-88-31482-19-6

2021 DIVK Annual Conference Belgrade, Serbia VIDEO-PRESENTATIONS Presentation title Authors DOI Hybrid Metal Extrusion & Bonding HYB mechanical integrity Ø. Grong, F. Berto https://doi.org/10.53254/ESISTUBE.DIVK2021.1 Residual stresses in welded joints and additively manufactured components P. Fermo https://doi.org/10.53254/ESISTUBE.DIVK2021.2 Structural Integrity of Weldments F. Berto https://doi.org/10.53254/ESISTUBE.DIVK2021.3 120 years of Charpy testing with focus on welded joints V. Grabulov https://doi.org/10.53254/ESISTUBE.DIVK2021.4 Weldment Fracture Mechanics Homage to Prof Stojan Sedmak A. Sedmak https://doi.org/10.53254/ESISTUBE.DIVK2021.5 Numerical simulation of fatigue crack growth in Al welded constructions A. Grbović https://doi.org/10.53254/ESISTUBE.DIVK2021.6 Influence of multiple defects on welded joints integrity M. Aranđelović https://doi.org/10.53254/ESISTUBE.DIVK2021.7 Fracture behaviour of ring shape specimens made of AMM I. Trajković https://doi.org/10.53254/ESISTUBE.DIVK2021.8 Micromechanical modelling of cracked welded joints made of HSLA steel M. Rakin, B. Međo https://doi.org/10.53254/ESISTUBE.DIVK2021.9 xFEM simulation of fatigue crack growth in different regions of a welded joint S. Sedmak, A. Sedmak https://doi.org/10.53254/ESISTUBE.DIVK2021.10 Fracture mechanics testing of PLA polymer and PLA-X composite A. Milovanović, T. Babinský https://doi.org/10.53254/ESISTUBE.DIVK2021.11