The second European Conference on the Structural Integrity of Additively Manufactured Materials ESIS Video recordings ISBN: 978-88-31482-04-2

The second European Conference on the Structural Integrity of Additively Manufactured Materials – ESIAM21 Structural integrity, i.e. the fracture and fatigue strength of additively manufactured materials and components is becoming increasingly important with the technology’s transition towards major industrial utilization. The conference provided an overview over current scientific knowledge and stimulated ideas for future research directions in this emerging field. ESIAM21 was the second event of the biannual international conference series held in Europe and worldwide. Chairpersons Filippo Berto Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Trondheim, Norway Juergen Stampfl Institute of Materials Science and Technology. Vienna University of Technology - Vienna (Austria) Jan Torgersen Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) – Trondheim (Norway) Luca Susmel Structural Integrity at the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering. The University of Sheffield (UK) Brecht Van Hooreweder Department of Mechanical Engineering - Production Engineering, Machine Design and Automation (PMA) Section. Ku Leuven (Belgium) Welcome message On behalf of the European Structural Integrity Society (ESIS) TC15, the organizing committee of the Austrian University of Technology Vienna and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, it is with great pleasure that we warmly welcome all participants to the Second European Conference on the Structural Integrity of Additively Manufactured Materials (ESIAM21). ESIAM21 addresses an issue of utmost importance in research and industry in Europe and worldwide. With the advent of Additive manufacturing (AM) techniques, the potential to economically fabricate customized parts with complex geometries in a rapid design-to-manufacture cycle became a major driver and hope for Europe’s continuing leading role in high quality manufacturing. However, before such benefits can be explored in critical load bearing applications, the basic understanding of the mechanical and functional behaviour of these materials must be substantially improved at all levels, especially in fracture and fatigue performance. The conference will shed light on the basic physical phenomena of fatigue and fracture of AM materials and the development of effective criteria for the design of unprecedented high performing components that shall play a significant role in next generation automotive, aerospace and biomedical application. The first conference dedicated to this topic, ESIAM19, took place in Trondheim, Norway, and was a key event to bring major European and global players from research and industry together. The great impact ESIAM19 had in fostering scientific and industrial collaboration shall continue with ESIAM21. It is the immediate followup-event and marks the foundation for an upcoming series of international conferences dealing with the topic under the auspices of ESIS TC15. We are very proud to host all of you at this scientific and social event intended to contribute to the future of AM for load bearing component fabrication as well as the strategy of its industrial exploitation. Peer-reviewed publications from conference contributions and discussions will be published in Procedia Structural Integrity.

We thank all authors for their contributions in advance and we are grateful to ESIS and the members of the international scientific committee for their hard work that will make this conference a success. We are looking forward to welcoming you at the ESIAM21 conference in Vienna! Filippo Berto, Jan Torgersen, Juergen Stampfl, Francesco Iacoviello, Luca Susmel and Brecht Van Hooreweder

VIDEO-PRESENTATIONS Presentation title Authors DOI Notch effect on the VHCF response of Ti6Al4V specimens produced through the SLM process A. Tridello, F. Berto, D.S. Paolino Analysis of the behavior of lattice structures under low‐ velocity impacts: simulations and ... M. Della Ripa, D.S. Paolino, A. Amorese, A. Tridello A modelling framework for fatigue‐life prediction of selective laser melting additive ... H.O. Psihoyos, Ph.D. Candidate, G.N. Lampeas, Prof. S.G Pantelakis, Prof. Emeritus Fatigue behaviour assessment of additive manufactured Ti‐ 6Al‐4V by means of a critical... C. Ronchei, S. Vantadori, D. Scorza, A. Zanichelli, A. Carpinteri Morphology and weld Strength of a Semi‐Crystalline Polymer Produced via Material Extrusion‐Based ... S. Petersmann Bio‐Inspired Toughening of Composites in 3D‐Printing J. Stögener Ink development for the fabrication of digital materials with increased fracture toughness B. Koch, A. Hochwallner, R. Liska, J. Stampfl Influence of finishing in Ti6Al4V AM specimens under VHCF conditions L. Reis, P.R. da Costa, M. Sardinha, M. Freitas Fatigue damage assessment in AM polymers evaluating their energy release D. Santonocito, P. Foti, G. Risitano, F. Berto The use of Additive Manufactured Inconel 625 as Bipolar Plate for the High Temperature ... J. SVendby. O. Bjelland, D. Bokach, B. G. B. Solheim Surface quality and fatigue behavior of L‐PBF AlSi10Mg in as‐built condition. R. Konecna, F. Uriati, G. Nicoletto, T. Varmus The relaxation of macroscopic residual stresses in laser powder bed fused stainless steel 316L M. Sprengel, A. Ulbricht, A. Evans, A. Krom, K. Sommer, J. Kelleher, G. Bruno, T. Kannengieber

Presentation title Authors DOI Investigation on the fatigue properties and fracture mechanical analysis of additively ... D. Schimbäck, F. Palm, V. Holzinger, C. Plander, S. Pogatscher, S. Mayer, G. Leichfried, P. Mair, L. Kaserer Influence of Surface Finish and Build Orientation on the Fatigue Performance of Laser Powder Bed ... R. Lancaster, W. Breardm, N. Barnard, J. Adams, T. Jones Investigations on the rheology and deagglomeration of digital light processing based ... A.L. Kutsch Optimization and Redesign of a Structurally Loaded Fused Filament Fabrication Component ... S. van den Boom, S. Dragt, D. van Veen, E. van Daelen, J. Berens Microstructural features of thick‐walled 316LSi produced by wire arc additive manufacturing L. Palmeira Belotti, J.A.W. van Dommelen, M.G.D. Geers, C. Goulas, W. Ya, J.P.M. Hoefnagels Mechanical behavior of engineered open porous Ti6Al4V structures produced by laser powder bed fusion L. Vanmunster, C. D'Haeyer, P. Coucke, A. Braem, B. Van Hooreweder Mechanical Behavior of Maraging Steel Produced by SLM T.E.F. Silva, F. Silva, J. Xavier, A. Gregório, A. Reis, P. Rosa, P. Konopík, M. Rund, A.M.P. de Jesus An engineering approach to estimate fatigue thresholds of wrought and additively manufactured ... G. Meneghetti, D. Rigon Nominal stresses to assess damage in notched additively manufactured steel subjected to constant ... L. Susmel Fatigue crack growth parameters of Laser Powder Bed Fusion produced Ti‐6Al‐4V N. Macallister, K. Vanmeensel, T.H. Becker TopFat methodology implemented in a commercial software: benchmarking validation R. Caivano, A. Tridello, D. Paolino, F. Berto Damage tolerance and fracture properties in fused filament fabrication ‐ trends; ... F. Arbeiter

Presentation title Authors DOI The effect of printing parameters on fatigue life of 3D printing ABS under thermo‐ mechanical loads F. He, Y.L.A. Alshammari, M. Khan Representative Structure Elements for the fatigue assessment of additively manufactured components R. Wagener, M. Hell, A. Chiocca Experimental and numerical analysis of fatigue cracks emanating from internal defects in Ti6Al4V SLM S. Aguado‐Montero, C. Navarro, J. Vázquez, J. Domínguez Compressive behavior of gyroid structures manufactured through SLM with carburizing steels ... G. Guimarães, A. Rocha de Faria, R. Rego, L. Robatto, J. Mascheroni, A. Kretzer Fatigue crack growth of TiAl6V4 parts produced by SLM under biaxial mode I/mode II loading L. Borrego, J. Jesus, J.A.M. Ferreira, C. Capela, J.D. Costa Characterising crack growth in Scalmalloy R. Jones Effect of in‐situ laser remelting of inclined surfaces on fatigue performance of additively... D. Ordnung, J. Metelkova, A. Cutolo, B. Van Hooreweder Cyclic deformation and fatigue behaviour of titanium alloy Ti‐ 6Al‐4V built by directed energy ... A.K. Syed, M. Hill, R. Plaskitt, X. Zhang Isolating Lacunar Morphology to Study the Influence of Bone Lacunar Network in Damage Progression F. Buccino, S. Bagherifard, M. Ghidini, C.A. Biffi, L.M. Vergani A first step in the development of dense metallic architectured materials by additive manufacturing F. Hannard, F. Cren, M. Marteleur, C. van de Rest, T. Pardoen, A. Simar Enhancement of the mechanical behavior of L‐PBF Al alloys by optimized thermomechanical ... C. van da Rest, J.G. Santos Macías, L. Zhao, A. Smits, A. Simar Difference in mechanical behavior of glass bead reinforced polyamide 12 specimens produced by ... H. De Coninck, S. Meyers, B. Van Hooreweder Efficient optimization methodology for laser powder bed fusion parameters to manufacture dense ... J. Gheysen, M. Marteleur, C. van der Rest, A. Simar

Presentation title Authors DOI Static and fatigue behaviour of laser welded additively manufactured 17‐4 PH steel plates R. Sepe, V. Giannella, V. Alfieri, F. Caiazzo Phase separation in (Meth)acrylate‐based photopolymers M. Ahmadi Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Mechanical Properties of Photopolymers used in 3D‐ Printing A. Hochwallner, J. Stampfl A roughness study by modelling L‐PBF surfaces O. Pencelet, C. van der Rest, M. Marteleur, A. Simar Lithographic additive manufacturing of defined open‐ porous tricalcium phosphate scaffolds M. Schwentenwein 2D characterization at sub‐ micron scale of crack propagation on 17‐4PH parts produced by ... C. Gong, J.M. Djouda, A. Hmima, F. Gaslain, M. Chemkhi, T. Maurer, B. Panicau The effect of Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) on the fatigue behavior of particle reinforced ... S. Senol, M. Soulier, K. Vanmeensel The role of simulation in the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing N. Lammens, F. Gallego‐Bordallo, J. Ni, A. Zinoviev, T. De Weer, H. Erdelyi Influence of the composite structural parameters on the mechanical performance of additively ... R. Falck, S. Amancio ESIAM21 Diaz ModellingHydrogenation A. Díaz, I.I. Cuesta, J.M. Alegre Material Characterization of 3D‐ printed Silicone Elastomers V.M. Miron, S. Lämmermann, U. Çakmak, Z. Major Digital Materials: the new dimension of 3D‐printing S. Baumgartner, J. Stampfl Design; production; and fatigue testing of an optimized structural component made of L‐PBF AlSi10Mg L. Zambrelli, G. Nicoletto, M. Garibaldi

Presentation title Authors DOI Optimization of tensile properties for 3D printed PLA material using Taguchi and ANOVA methodologies A.R. Kafshgar, S. Rostami, M.R.M. Aliha, F. Berto A comprehensive numerical framework to study the effect of process parameters on cold Spray ... A.A. Lordejani, S. Bagherifard, D. Colzani, M. Guagliano Tough and damage tolerant composites for bi‐axial loading D. Brescakovic, O. Kolednik Quasi‐static behaviour of 3D printed lattice structures of various scales Z. Xu, E. Medori, F. Sarasini, F. Berto, S.M.J. Razavi Scale and thickness effect on the mechanical behavior of structural parts fabricated via ... Z. Xu, R. Fostervold, S.M.J. Razavi Additive manufacturing of continuous carbon fiber reinforced polyamide 6: The effect of process ... H. Oberlercher 3D‐printed continuous fiber reinforced polymers considering material and physical variability ... C. Becker, P. Lardeur, P. Nicolay, F. Druesne Effects of hybrid post‐ treatments on fatigue behavior of notched LPBF AlSi10Mg: experimental ... E. Maleki, S. Bagherifard, F. Sabouri, M. Guagliano Productivity‐oriented process parameters effect of the fatigue strength of SLMed Inconel 718 G. Macoretta, B.D. Monelli Optimizing a gas diffusion layer with mathematically defined structures S.O.F. Hoem, J. Torgersen, R. Bock Residual stresses in AISI 316L and 18Ni300 steels produced by selective laser melting M.J. Marques, A.C. Batista, J.P. Nobre, F. Fiorentin, A.M.P. Jesus Unravelling the fatigue behavior of high strength aluminum lattice structures produced by laser ... A. Cutolo, E. Beevers, F. Mertens, B. Van Hooreweder Static and fatigue behavior of 3D printed virgin and recycled short‐glass‐fiber reinforced and ... D. Rigon, F. Florian, G. Ardengo, F. Trivillin, G. Meneghetti Hot cracking suppression by powder modification of an N. Nothomb, M. Delmée, J. Gheysen, B.

Presentation title Authors DOI Al7075 alloy produced by laser ... Van Hooreweder, A. Simar Additive manufactured marine component ‐ NiAl bronze propeller R.B. Govindaraj, E. Junghans, I. Andersen, Y.K. Lim, P. Lindström Production Assessment of Hybrid Directed Energy Deposition Manufactured Fatigue Sample With ... Z. Jardon Search for potential inhibitors of acid corrosion of steel in a series trihalomethyl‐1;3‐ diketones A. Botin Fatigue assessment of laser beam welds between AlSi10Mg AM‐structures and conventionally ... B. Möller Numerical modeling and prediction of residual stresses in AISI 316L and 18Ni300 steels produced ... J.W. Gil, F.K. Fiorentin, M.J. Marques, A.C. Batista, J.P. Nobre, A.M.P. Jesus Full process chain simulation of the (wire‐based) laser metal deposition process towards fatigue ... T.P.A. Koenis, W.M. van den Brink, M. Bosman Characterization of the Fatigue Behaviour of SLS Thermoplastics Z. Major, M. Lackner, E. Heiml, A. Hössinger‐ Kalteis, T. Lück Recent advances in 3D‐printing of continuous carbon fibre reinforced polymers F.O. Riemelmoser, C. Becker, A. Berndt, R.B. Heim, L.M. Faller, K. Ibrahim, M. Laux, H. Oberlercher Characterization of 3D printed ABS specimens under static and cyclic loadings C.M. Ferreira, C.M.S. Vicente, M. Sardinha, M. Leite, L. Reis Effect of scan strategy on γ‐TiAl based composite fabricated by selective electron beam melting B. Gao, Y. Liang, J. Lin, B. Chen Finish‐pass strategy to improve sidewall angle and processing time in FIB milled structures M.J. Lid, A.B. Afif, J. Torgersen, F. Prinz Additive manufacturing of continuous carbon fiber tubes and experimental investigation of the... A. Berndt

Presentation title Authors DOI Cost‐effective Characterization of the Fatigue Behavior of PBF Metals G. Nicoletto Selective Electron Beam Melted Non‐weldable Ni‐base Superalloy B. Chen Residual stresses in AISI 316L and 18Ni300 steels produced by selective laser melting M.J. Marques, A.C. Batista, J.P. Nobre, F. Fiorentin, A.M.P. Jesus Fatigue strenght mechanism under torsional loads of aluminim alloy AlSi10Mg obtained by L‐PBF F. Sausto, S. Beretta, P. Carrion, N. Shamsaei Design of 3D printed polymer‐ polymeric tribological units made of wear‐resistant composite ... S. Panin, V. Alexenko, D. Buslovich, Y. Dontsov, L. Kornienko, S. Bochkareva Additive Manufacturing of Micro Architecture Composite ‐ Metal Joints for Renewable Energy ... S. Lotfian