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ESIS TC13 - Education and Training

ESIS TC13 " Education and Training"

TC13 UpDates

Co-Chairs Prof. Dr. Eng. Liviu MARSAVINA

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
POLITEHNICA University of Timisoara
Blvd. M. Viteazu, Nr. 1
Timisoara 300222, Romania
phone: +40.256.403577;
Fax.: +40.256.403523
e-mail: lmarsavina@yahoo.com msvina@mec.upt.ro web page: www.mec.upt.ro/rezi
Co-Chairs Prof. Petro Yasniy

Ternopil Ivan Pul’uj State Technical University
56, Ruska str., Ternopil 46001, Ukraine
tel +380 352 245674; +380 352 248034
Fax: 380-352-254983,

TC13 UPDATE 2016

Download TC13 Activity Report (2016)

TC13 UPDATE 2008

The Tenth Summer School of Fracture Mechanics united by common subject “Fracture Mechanics and Strength of Materials in Hydrogen” was held in Trzebieszowice (Poland) on June 10-14, 2007. The Programme Committee was headed by Professors V. Panasyuk (Ukraine), W. Kasprzak (Poland) and M. Schaper (Germany).

Opening ceremony:
W. Kasprzak and V. Panasyuk
 Polish delegation included Profs W. Kasprzak, J. Kaleta and M. Rybachuk (Wroclaw University of Technology) and Drs K. Konopka and Z. Pakiela (Warsaw University of Technology). Profs M. Schaper and L. Kroll (Technical University of Dresden) and Dr W. Dietzel (GKSS, Forschungszentrum Geesthacht, Forschungs Zetrum) represented Germany. As invited lecturers were also attended Prof. G. Pluvinage (University of Metz, France) and Prof R. Akid (Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom).
Ukraine was presented by 4 lecturers, namely by Profs. V. Panasyuk, I. Dmytrakh, H. Nykyforchyn (Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of NASU) and Prof Z. Stotsko (Lviv Polytechnic National University). Due to the financial support of Polish organisers the ten young scientists from Ukraine were the participants of this event: O. Bilyy, M. Gredil, Yu. Holovatyuk, A. Ivasyshyn (Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Instutute of NASU), V. Savytskyy (Paton Welding Institute of NASU), T. Stefanovych (Lviv Polytechnic National University), M. Rostun (Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics of NASU), V. Nester (Lviv National University) V. Fostyk (Ternopil’ State Technical University) and Ya. Pasternak (Lutsk State Technical University).

Participants of the School after finishing of its work

Programme of lectures was started from the summarised lecture of Prof. V. Panasyuk under title „Fracture Mechanics and Strength of Structures: Current State and Actual Problems”. Here, the main stages of research development of researches into fracture mechanics and strength of materials in the second half of the XX century have been considered. The principal attention was paid to the analysis of the calculation models of limiting equilibrium of deformed solids, containing sharp stress concentrators (cracks), to the development of the methods of the stress intensity factor calculations, to the methods and means of experimental development of the material crack growth resistance, concepts of fatigue crack initiation and propagation and also to the processes of materials crumbling in the zone of two bodies cyclic contact. New approaches to establishing the period of fatigue macrocrack initiation at the stress concentrator, using the conventional   curves for the given material have been formulated. Some prospective problems in this field of science have been proposed.
Totally, thirteen lectures on the theoretical and practical trends in the field of fracture mechanics and structural integrity were presented, namely:
•    „Fracture of Metals” by Prof. K Kurzydłowski (lecture was presented by Z. Pakiela);
•    „Problems of Hydrogen Interaction with Metals and Methods of Structures Lifetime Estimation” by К. Kurzydlowski and H. Nykyforchyn (lecture was presented by H. Nykyforchyn);
•    “Predicting Environment Assisted Cracking: The use of electrochemical methods to determine stress corrosion interactions in engineering materials” by R. Akid
•    „Influence of Corrosion Environments on Materials and Strength of Structures: New Approaches and Practical Applications” by I. Dmytrakh
•    “Use of Fracture Mechanics Approaches for the Estimation of Pipelines Lifetime During Transportation of Gas Environments” by G. Pluvinage;
•    “Cracking and Fracture of Semiconductor Materials” by M. Schaper;
•    „Hydrogen Embrittlement of Metals under Elastic Plastic Deformation” by W. Dietzel;
•    „Experimental Testing of Strength of Composite Structures” by J. Kaleta;
•    „Technology of Composite Structures Development” by Prof. L. Kroll;
•    “Influence of Structure on Fracture Phenomena of Materials and Testing Methods in Fracture Studies – Ceramic Materials” by K. Konopka;
•    “Polymers and Polymer Matrix Composites; Metallic Materials” by A. Boczkowska and Z. Pakiela (lecture was presented by Z. Pakiela);
•    „Effective Methods of Surface Strengthening of Machine Components and Enhancement Their Durability” Z. Stotsko;
•    “Fractal Fracture Mechanics” by M. Rybachuk.

Two special session of the School were devoted for listening of short communications of PhD students and young scientists. It has been done in the first time for these summer schools and seven Ukrainian young scientists (O. Bilyy, M. Gredil, A. Ivasyshyn, V. Savytskyy, T. Stefanovych, V. Nester and Ya. Pasternak), have presented their research. At the end of the School work the young scientists have received the Certificates to confirm that each of them has completed the Tenth Polish-Ukrainian-German Summer School of Fracture Mechanics”.
The achievements of Polish-Ukrainian-Germany Summer Schools were summarised in newly-printed book: Summer Schools on Fracture Mechanics 1995-2007 (Editors: V. Panasyuk and W. Kasprzak), Karpenko Physico-Mechanical Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Publishing House „Spolom”, Lviv, 2007. - 296p, which were presented and discussed at the School.

TC13 UPDATE 2007

MINUTES of the ESIS TC10 and TC13


TC13 UPDATE 2006

Ninth International Fracture Mechanics Summer School (IFMASS 9)

In the 25th year of its founding, International Fracture Mechanics Summer School was held for ninth time (IFMASS 9).
DIVK accepted IFMASS as an important activity of Serbian experts and institutions involved in the past and in 2003 organized IFMASS 8 in Belgrade, which attracted lecturers from many countries and 108 participants. The IFMASS 8 monograph »From Fracture Mechanics to Structural Integrity Assessment« is published by DIVK in 2004 in English and is presented on DIVK WEB site, attracting several thousend of visitors from all over the world.

This time, IFMASS 9 was organized in Golden Sand, Bulgaria, with Prof. Stefan Vodenitcharov from Institute for Metal Science of BAN and Prof. Donka Angelova from University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy from Sofia, also supported by Bulgarian Welding Society president Dr. Martin Beloev. Eighteen lectures, given by the lecturers from Serbia (10), Bulgaria (2), Romania (2), Ukraine (1), USA (1), Germany (1) and Macedonia (1) attracted the attention of 49 participants. For the first time, the participants received the certificate for the participation in the course. It is expected that the monograph IFMASS 9 »The Chalenge of Materials and Weldments: Structural Integrity and Life Assessment« will be published. One very important document for the cooperation in the region is signed, supporting to organize Alliance »Southeast Eurpean Forum for Structural Integrity«, which is presented bellow.

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