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EGF1 Contents

An Introduction 1
 Summary 5
 Design Considerantions 13
 Applying Fatigue Research to Engineering Design
I.F.C. Smith
 Short Cracks in Aerospace Structures
R.J. Wanhill

 Short Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviour in Al2024 and Al7475
A.F. Blom, A. Hedlund, W. Zhao, A. Fathulla, B. Weiss, and R. Stickler

 Material and Speciman Preparation Effects 67

The Effect of Surface Finish on High Cycle Fatigue of a Low Alloy Steel
R.W. Suhr


On Fatigue Crack Growth in Stage I
V.M. Radhakrishnan and Y. Mutoh

A Comparison of Long and Short Fatigue Crack Growth in a High Strength Aluminium Alloy
R.K. Bolingbroke and J.E. King
Short Fatigue Cracks in Technical pm-Mo Alloys
A. Fathulla, B. Weiss, and R. Stickler

Fatigue Growth of Long and Short Cracks in a Powder Metallurgy Nickel Base Superalloy
F. Soniak and L. Remy

Environmental Aspects  143
Initiation and Growth of Surface Microcracks in Polycrystalline Copper Cycled in Air and in Vacuum
J. Mendez, P. Violan and G. Gasc
On the Effect of Environment on Short Crack Growth Behaviour and Threshold
J. Petit and A. Zeghloul
Initial Stages of Hydriogen Induced Short Fatigue Crack Propagation
P.E.V. de Miranda and R. Pascal
Microstructural Considerations 191
The Growth of Persistent Slip Bands during Fatigu
W. J. Baxter
The Initiation and Growth of Intergranularly Initiated Short fatigue Cracks in an Aluminium 4.5 per cent Copper Alloy
P.M. Mulvihill and C.J. Beevers
Initiation and Short Crack Behaviour in Aluminium Alloy Castings
A. Plumtree and S. Schafer
The Growth of Fatigue Cracks in a Nickel Based Single Crystal
C. Howland
The Behaviour of Physically Short Fatigue Cracks in Steels
J.M. Kendal, M.N. James, and J.F. Knott
Notches  259
Tolerant Microflow Sizes and Non-Propagating Crack Behaviour
K. Yamada, M.G. Kim, and T. Kunio
Effects of Hardness and Crack Geometries on deltaKth of Small Cracks Emanating from Small Defects
Y. Murakami and M. Endo
Fatigue Crack Growth in Micro-Notched Specimens of High Strength Steels
O. Oni and C. Bathias
Initiation and Early Growth of Fatigue Cracks from a Circumferential Notch Loaded in Torsion
E. Hay and M.W. Brown
The Effect of Notch Radius on the Fatigue Notch Factor and the Propagation of Short Cracks
D.L. DuQuesnay, T.H. Topper, and M.T. Yu
Behaviour of Small Fatigue Cracks at Blunt Notches in Aero-Engine Alloys
I.W. Hussey, J. Byrne, and T.V. Duggan

Short Crack Phenomena in a High Aluminium Alloy and some Analytical Tools for their Prediction
J. Foth, R. Marissen, K.H. Trautmann, and H. Nowack

Mechanics Aspects of Small Crack Growth from Notches-the Role of Crack Closure
P. Lalor, H. Sehitoglu, and R. McClung
 Fatigue Short Crack Propagation and Plasticity-Induced Crack Closure at the Toe of A Fillet Welded Joint
Y. Verreman, J.P. Bailon, and J. Masounave
 Fracture Mechanics 405
Thermodynamic Considerations of Fatigue Crack Nucleation and Propagation
F. Guiu and R.N. Stevens
Interfaces Between Short, Long, and Non-Propagating Cracks
M.W. Brown
Two Phases of Short Crack Growth in a medium Carbon Steel
P.D. Hobson, M.W. Brown, and E.R. de los Rios
A Small-Crack Growth Law and its Application to the Evaluation of Fatigue Life
H. Nisitani and M. Goto
Fatigue of Short Cracks: the Limitations of Fracture Mechanics
D. Taylor
Fatigue Damage Accumulation Above and Below the Fatigue Limit
K.J. Miller, H.J. Mohamed, and E.R. de los Rios
Initiation and Propagation of Short Cracks in Aluminium Alloy Subjected to Programmed Block Loading
L. Bouksim and C. Bathias
Acoustic Microscopy 527
How to Observe Short Surface Cracks by Acoustic Microscopy
G.A.D. Briggs, E.R. de los Rios, and K.J. Miller
Small Fatigue Crack Behaviour Monitored using surface Acoustic Waves in Quenched and Tempered 4140 Steel 537
Conclusions 553
Index 557
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