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ESIS13 Contents

Introduction: an engineering problem 1
Short Cracks and Durability Analysis of the Fokker 100 Wing/Fuselage Structure 3
R. J. H. Wanhill
L. Schra
Initiation and early crack propagation 29
High Cycle Fatigue Crack Initiation in Stainless Steels 31
A. Heinz
P. Neumann
Fatigue Crack Initiation and Early Crack Growth in Copper Polycrystals - Effects of Temperature and Environment 55
M. Bayerlein
H. Mughrabi
Crack propagation: microstructural considerations 83
The Growth Behaviour of Microstructurally Small Fatigue Cracks in Metals 85
K. Tokaji
T. Ogawa
Some Aspects of Small Crack Growth Near Threshold in Dual Phase Steel 101
S. Kawachi
K. Yamada
T. Kunio
Microstructural Variations in Short Fatigue Crack Propagation of a C-Mn Steel 115
E. R. de los Rios
A. Navarro
K. Hussain
Crack propagation: closure effects 133
Stage I and Stage II Propagation of Short and Long Cracks in Al-Zn-Mg Alloys 135
J. Petit
K. Kosche
Comparison of Long and Short Crack Growth in Polycrystalline and Single Crystal Forms of Udimet 720 153
P. A. S. Reed
J. E. King
Predictions of Growth Rate and Closure of Short Fatigue Cracks 169
Yoshikazu Nakai
Kiyotsugu Ohji
Environmental effects: I - corrosion fatigue 191
Environment Assisted Short Crack Growth Behaviour of a High Strength Steel 193
R. Akid
G. Murtaza
The Influence of Corrosion on the Growth of Short Fatigue Cracks in Structural Steels 209
A. Boukerrou
R. A. Cottis
The Nucleation and Coalescence of Short Cracks in Cyclically Loaded Ferritic Steel Exposed to a Carbonate-Bicarbonate Solution 217
R. N. Parkins
P. M. Singh
Environmental effects: II-testing environment 233
Influence of Environment on the Propagation of Short Fatigue Cracks in a Titanium Alloy 235
J. Petit
J. Mendez
W. Berata
L. Legendre
C. Muller
Fatigue Crack Growth of Small Defects in a Superalloy at High Temperature in Air and in Vacuum 251
P. Bernede
L. Remy
Mean stress effects 263
Effect of Mean Stress on Short Crack Threshold 265
P. Lukas
L. Kunz
Small Crack Growth in IMI 829 at Room Temperature 277
M. C. Hardy
Crack growth at notches 291
Small Crack Growth at Notches in IMI 829 293
W. J. Evans
S. H. Spence
Fatigue Crack Growth of Small Corner Defects from Blunt Notches in an Aeroengine Alloy 305
I. W. Hussey
J. Byrne
W. Locke
Microscopy methods 319
The Measurement of Surface Cracks Using Acoustic Microscopy 321
P. J. Jenkins
G. A. D. Briggs
In-situ/SEM Fatigue Studies of Short Crack Behaviour at Ambient and Elevated Temperature in a Nickel-Base Superalloy 335
R. Stephens
L. Grabowski
D. W. Hoeppner
Modelling of short crack behaviour: I - mechanic aspects 349
Modelling of Statistical Characteristics of the Propagation of Small Fatigue Cracks 351
K. Tanaka
M. Kinefuchi
T. Yokomaku
Modelling Strain Hardening at Short Fatigue Cracks 369
X. J. Xin
E. R. de los Rios
A. Navarro
A Microstructurally Motivated Model for Short Crack Growth Rate 391
D. Kujawski
F. Ellyin
Numerical Simulation of Surface Fatigue Microcracking Processes 407
A. Bataille
T. Magnin
K. J. Miller
Modelling of short crack behaviour: II - an elasto-plastic approach 421
A Model for the Description of the Influence of Small Three-Dimensional Defects on the High-Cycle Fatigue Limit 423
B. Weiss
R. Stickler
A. F. Blom
An Analysis of the Rate of Growth of Short Fatigue Cracks 439
A. J. McEvily
Z. Yang
Short Fatigue Crack Growth under Variable Amplitude Loading: a Theoretical Approach 449
C. S. Grimshaw
K. J. Miller
J. M. Rees
Life prediction 467
Predicting Fatigue Life in Aluminium Alloys Using Short Crack Growth Data 469
L. Edwards
S. Gungor
Relation between Scatter Characteristics of Fatigue Life Crack Initiation and Small Crack Growth Behaviour of a Heat Treated Carbon Steel 485
M. Goto
H. Nisitani
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