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Editorial by ESIS President

Upon reflection of ECF21 in Catania, I presume that most, if not all, of the participants share my view that it was an exceptional event. We are pleased to thank the four Chairmen: Francesco Iacoviello, Beppe Ferro, Donato Firrao and Luca Susmel. There were about 650 participants, many interesting plenary lectures, as well as contributed presentations. There was a summer school before the conference attended by about 80 participants. The summer school and conference lectures will soon be on YouTube. Information will be forthcoming in ESIS News which is periodically sent to ESIS members. The banquet was unforgettable with the memorable fireworks show. Paul Paris who received the Wöhler Medal was the hit of the conference being sought after for pictures and selfies. Three additional awards were given: Robert Goldstein: the Griffith Medal; László Tóth: the Award of Merit; Andrzej Neimitz, Honorary Membership. In addition, two ESIS members became Fellows: Donato Firrao and Anthony Kinloch. They all deserve our warm congratulations for their outstanding work in structural integrity and service to ESIS. The ESIS-Elsevier young scientist awards were given to Beatriz Sanz (first prize and 1,000 €) from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain, for: ‘Study of the influence of the oxide and concrete parameters on the results of accelerated corrosion tests’; and Evgeniy Merson (second prize and 500 €) from Togliatti State University, Russian Federation, for: ‘The use of confocal laser scanning microscopy for 3D quantitative characterization of fracture surfaces and cleavage facets’. ESIS paid the registration fee for 17 scientists out of 26 to attend ECF21. Many were students. Please remember for ECF22 that ESIS will again pay the registration fee for about 20 participants. In addition, the ExCo decided to reimburse 200 € of their expenses. So please have your students and young faculty members apply for this assistance when it is advertised sometime in the fall of 2017.
As you will recall, ESIS has four affiliated journals including: Engineering Failure Analysis, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, International Journal of Fatigue and Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics. The latter joined us about a year ago and currently has an impact factor over 2. We encourage you to publish your articles in these journals.
At the Council meeting the Statutes were discussed and three changes accepted by the Council members. The updated Statutes will be on the ESIS website shortly. In short the changes include (1) ‘one person, one vote’ and elimination of proxy votes to voting Council members; (2) rewriting of the membership types to make them clearer and (3) officially appointing the Blogger as an ExCo member. In more detail, at Council meetings, any particular member has only one vote. If a member of Council has two positions which would entitle him/her to vote twice, one of the votes will be given to another person to represent a National Group or a TC. In addition, it was suggested to do away with proxy votes to members of Council who already have a vote. Both of these steps have been accepted to make the Council more democratic.
ESIS is requested to support many conferences, most of which are part of TC or National Group activities. In order to coordinate the dates so as to avoid conflicts, the ExCo has suggested to TC and National Group Chairs to coordinate their meetings with Aleksandar Sedmak.
Since our last Newsletter, our blogger, Per Ståhle, has posted a review of two additional papers:
• P.B. Woelke, M.D. Shields, J.W. Hutchinson. Cohesive zone modeling and calibration for mode I tearing of large ductile plates. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Vol. 147 (2015) 293-305.
• S. Goutianos and B.F. Sørensen. Fracture resistance enhancement of layered structures by multiple cracks. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Vol. 151 (2016) 92-108.

These are interesting papers which I recommend to you. In addition to the review by Per, there is a response for each paper by one of the authors. We welcome your comments which may be posted on the blog: http://imechanica.org/node/9794
The first Procedia Structural Integrity has been published with papers from the Portuguese National Group. The second issue contains papers from ECF21. They are open access publications. In order to encourage TCs and National Groups to take advantage of this option, ESIS will support part of the publication costs. The ECF21 Procedia may be found at: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/24523216/2/supp/C.
The ExCo will meet on November 24 and 25 in Belgrade. Among other things, we will look at the site of ECF22 which will take place in Belgrade from August 26 until August 31, 2018.
Finally, I would like to encourage you to join ESIS for 30 €. Go to our web site www.structuralintegrity.eu and sign up. There are various ways to join ESIS. Join a National Committee. Have your university join for a group of faculty members through a National Committee or directly to ESIS; similarly for a group at a company. Or join as an individual. This can easily be done through PayPal.
I wish you all the best of health, fruitful research and future collaborations.
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